Civil engineering / construction

Giving actionable intelligence for Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the form of survey-quality data cuts time and in turn costs associated with the life-cycle of a project. It allows PM's to be more nimble, while also providing visual records for site conditions and equipment. We're able to service a range of clients from government agencies to private construction firms to provide intelligence to various stakeholders throughout a project's life-cycle.

Crop monitoring

We use our cutting edge technologies to work with the agronomists and crop scouts you already know and trust to boost crop yields. With various sensors we can accurately apply NDVI (and other) algorithms to quickly identify specific areas of interest in vast fields. Drones have tasks to complete year-round on the farm. We've adopted a simple workflow to help generate consistent data and improve results.

Forest Resource management

Forestry is one of the industries poised to benefit the most from this new technology. Being able to rapidly assess windfall, pest infestation, fire damage, forest succession, and forest conditions over time means granular control over vast amounts of land. We've written articles on mapping large areas to create high resolution orthomaps. Maps that can then be integrated into your GIS system and used for analysis, planning and management.

SEE Digital Elevation Model

Land Brokerage/ Development

When you're attempting to buy/sell an asset like land, you want to know all of the details. Google Maps imagery just isn't enough these days when you have clients all over the world. Our flights and data outputs help brokers and land developers gain timely insight onto properties and their existing conditions which in turn allows them to better negotiate true value.


Mapping and annotations

Give your team spatial insight into the world around them. We collect data for a wide variety of land-based businesses (hunt clubs, construction, farms, etc.) and help create simple, yet powerful maps that will allow your team to more efficiently manage the world around them. We've partnered with the creators of the top-rated Huntstand app to leverage their TerraStride Pro software for our clients, on any device!

Thermal Inspections

Thermal cameras have been used in various industries for some time now. Solar panel, livestock, wild game, roofing, agriculture, and search & rescue (SAR) are the areas we are helping customers apply this technology. Have an idea? Give us a call, we're about collaborating to help make your ideas a reality!