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The Back Forty Mission

We are dedicated to offering businesses across diverse sectors both timely and high quality data solutions. With expertise spanning from drone operations to data processing and refinement, we are adept at addressing challenges of any magnitude, ensuring tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Back Forty History

Back Forty Aerial Solutions, headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, stands as a distinguished drone services provider.


Our founder and CEO, Eric Harkins, brings a diverse and extensive professional background, encompassing GIS, Forestry, Mapping & Surveying, and IT.


In 2016, Eric embarked on the journey of full-time operations at Back Forty Aerial Solutions, fueled by the opportunity to provide aerial mapping for land development and heavy civil construction.


Since then, our mission has remained steadfast—to master the intricate interplay of equipment, software, and workflows, positioning us as the trusted on-demand drone services department for numerous public and private entities.

At Back Forty Aerial Solutions, we're not just experts in drone operations and equipment; we're masters of the fine details that drive impactful results. Every project receives our meticulous attention, ensuring that our clients benefit from actionable insights tailored to their specific needs. Our industry-leading expertise, grounded in years of experience, consistently delivers unparalleled value to our diverse clientele, setting us apart in the realm of aerial solutions.

Difference in the Details

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