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The Evolution of Data Collection:
Drones at the Forefront

Drones are expanding opportunities for industries around the world. Our commitment extends beyond convention by leveraging cutting edge technology and equipment to provide real time actionable solutions that transform form your data into value by reducing time and cost while increasing safety and scope of available data.


We are unlocking the full potential of drones by coupling high-end sensors and cameras with advanced data analysis techniques. This synergy allows us to transform captured images into highly detailed data sets, intricate 3D models, and a host of other valuable assets that can be utilized across industries in real time.


Game-Changer in Industrial Applications

Owing to their unparalleled mobility, adaptability, and versatility, drones are capable of generating invaluable datasets. Their applicability spans a vast array of industries, encompassing surveys, inspections, and a multitude of other use-cases.

Elevating Surveys, Inspections, and Site Assessments

Drones, known in technical parlance as UAVs, have emerged as the next-generation replacements for some ground-based survey equipment. Drawing parallels with manual techniques, various industries (as detailed in the upcoming chart) have adopted drones for a spectrum of tasks, from monitoring project milestones to in-depth site evaluations. But drone data collection isn't merely about aerial snapshots. These tools tap into cutting-edge technologies to yield datasets teeming with information.

Our Solutions

Back Forty Aerial Solutions, a leader in LiDAR drone services, combines cutting-edge sensor technology with vast industry experience. Trusted by top surveyors and engineering firms, we offer unparalleled expertise that translates to tangible time and cost benefits.

Gain an aerial perspective on your assets and projects. With Back Forty, you will benefit from visual or thermal imaging, be it video or still captures of challenging locations, with all content delivered in readily accessible formats and copyrighted to you.

Back Forty is a pioneer in aerial imaging, providing unmatched aerial insights for your assets and projects. With our expertise in visual and thermal captures, we guarantee top-quality imagery, seamlessly presented for instant application.

At Back Forty Aerial Solutions, our expertise extends into the art of mapping extensive areas, and producing in high-resolution orthomaps. These maps seamlessly integrate into your GIS system, equipping you with indispensable tools for in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and the effective management of vast land holdings.

Back Forty Aerial Solutions ensures safety and precision by deploying drones to areas challenging for human inspectors. From hard to reach water access ways and cell towers to industrial material plants we provide a safer, efficient alternative for thorough inspections with an attention to detail.

Drone Consulting

The drone industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation. We harness years of experience and adopt a results-driven approach to cater to a diverse audience, ranging from private landowners, military professionals and surveyors looking to expand their service offerings. We stand ready to offer you, or your entire team, a wealth of experienced insight in the realms of drone operations training, equipment selection, and the application of best practices.

Considering a drone project?

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