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Experience-Backed Excellence in Drone Services

Back Forty Aerial Solutions combines a blend of advanced technology and deep industry-specific experience,  to offer drone services tailored for both simple and complex applications. 

We've worked along side land developers, surveyors, engineers, general contractors, marketing agencies, video producers, farmers, foresters, lawyers, doctoral researchers, archaeologists, climatologists and many, many more!

From basic tasks to sophisticated projects, our knowledge-driven approach ensures optimal solutions for every challenge.

We are the preferred choice for many U.S. surveyors and engineering firms. Our seasoned approach guarantees time and cost savings without compromising on quality.

Back Forty is a pioneer in aerial imaging, providing unmatched aerial insights for your assets and projects. With our expertise in visual and thermal captures, we guarantee top-quality imagery, seamlessly presented for instant application.

Our expertise extends into the art of mapping extensive areas, and producing in high-resolution orthomaps. These maps seamlessly integrate into your GIS system, equipping you with indispensable tools for in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and the effective management of vast land holdings.

Gain an aerial perspective on your assets and projects. With Back Forty, you will benefit from visual or thermal imaging, be it video or still captures of challenging locations, with all content delivered in readily accessible formats and copyrighted to you.

We ensures safety and precision by deploying drones to areas challenging for human inspectors. From hard to reach water access ways and cell towers to industrial material plants we provide a safer, efficient alternative for thorough inspections with an attention to detail.

Drone Consulting

The drone industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation. We harness years of experience and adopt a results-driven approach to cater to a diverse audience, ranging from private landowners, military professionals and surveyors looking to expand their service offerings. We stand ready to offer you, or your entire team,  experienced insight in the realms of drone operations training, equipment selection, and the application of best practices.

Experience the precision of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) with Back Forty Aerial Solutions. LiDAR is an advanced remote sensing technique that offers impeccable accuracy for unparalleled spatial detection and accuracy.


By integrating UAV technology with laser pulses synchronized to GPS data and inertial measurement unit (IMU), we provide comprehensive digital representations that empower surveyors to achieve the highest quality results.

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